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On 13th,Jan. at US local time 7:30 am, China’s local time 8:30 pm, and UK local time 12:30 pm, we had an online session with our sister school - Reynoldsburg eSTEM Academy in Ohio State, United States, on our cooperation project.

我校副校长李华荣、校长助理曹静、对外交流与合作中心干事张见有、陈诗璐、科技教师罗其友、魏红、以及初2019级11班、高2019级1班部分学生参加会议。美国俄亥俄州雷诺兹堡高中校长Scott  Bennett、工程教育主管Jim Coley等老师和部分学生代表参加会议。

The persons from Nanping Secondary School attending the meeting are Vice Principal, Mr.Li Huarong, Pricinpal Assistant Ms.Cao Jing, working staff from international exchange and cooperation center, Mr. Zhang Jianyou and Ms. Chen Shilu, science teachers, Mr. Luo Qiyou and Ms. Wei Hong as well as some students from Class 11, Grade7 and Class 1, Grade 10. And those from Reynoldsburg eSTEM Academy attending the meeting are principal of Reynoldsburg eSTEM Academy Scott Bennett, engineering teacher Jim Coley, technology teacher Michele Carlisle and so on as well as some students.


During the meeting, the host in our school, Mr.Zhang introduced the significance and the schedule of the meeting, the task of the teachers presenting the meeting, the students’ names, grades and interests and so on.


Next, it is high time that we presented our achievement in the science and engineering project. This time, cooperating with Nan'an District of Chongqing Model Airplane Science Popularization Center,we have worked on the program named Making Traversing Machine QAV250, which has trained students how to install the parts of drone and make it fly. Under the guidance of Mr.Luo and Ms.Wei, the trial flight conducted by the students’ team was quite satisfactory. All of the teachers and students in the online session applauded excitedly. 


Finally, the two hosts in the Sino-US program online session have drew a conclusion. Mr. Scott was happy to see teachers and students in Nanping Secondary School via the Internet. What was more amazing was that Ms. Cao joined the online session while in UK. The US party praised our students’ high ability to explore science and technology as well as solid English foundation. Both of the two parties were looking forward to the further cooperation.